Retarded Bitch

July 4th, 2009 by admin


She’s the kind of bitch you’d have to babysit everywhere you went with her. Holding down a job at McDonald’s is AMAZING for her. You can only tell a girl so many times that the DVD goes shiny side down and why the hell are we watching Sponge Bob again? I mean how many number 21 chromosomes do you need you greedy bitch? You know you’re dealing with a real retard when you have to tell her to shut up while giving you head. Most girls need to stay in the kitchen but this one, well fuck man she needs to stay strapped down to the bed until guests come over. The kitchen is the last thing she needs to worry herself with, her grandma was right. Don’t let her near anything sharp. It’s like trying to take a knife from a monkey.

R. I. P.

June 28th, 2009 by admin

Rest in peace Billy Mays. Our condolences from all of us here at Girl Looks Like a Bitch to the family. You will be missed.


June 26th, 2009 by admin

If Michael Jackson would have lived into old age, this is what he would have turned into. A small, white, frail little girl so he could have picked up young boys easier.

If I met this girl I would have had to ask, “Why doesn’t your face match your neck?” I never understood why girl thought smearing so much makeup on would make them look better. She looks like that “girl” my friend was talking about he met in Las Vegas. When someone submitted this picture at first I thought it was a troubled young man who thought he was a girl. Then I saw the boobs and thought at least this kid has taken enough estrogen to be classified as a girl so now we can post her or him or it on
Could you imagine using the phone after her? You wouldn’t be able to read the numbers on the buttons for all the makeup smeared all over it. It would probably just stick to your head. What’s the deal with the 80’s hair too? I just have nothing but questions as to why and how and most important what to do with this bitch. The only thing I’m certain of is the fact that her look gives me a headache. It really hurts this little place above my left eye like a blood vessel is about to pop.


June 26th, 2009 by admin

The move to the new server was flawless. Well almost flawless but didn’t take more than 10 minutes to move and setup everything. isn’t that big yet so that helped in making everything a little more simple. The site has a lot more room to breathe and this makes us happy.

I’m going to add a text box this weekend to the “submit a bitch” page. That way I can get more insight into what kind of bitch you’ve submitted. I’m sure it will be hilarious.

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We need a good 50′s man wife slapper in the house.

June 17th, 2009 by admin

I will hit a woman… Well not really but I would think about doing it. You just know if you take any kind of control away from this bitch that she will hit the roof. Everyone is stupid, no one knows as much as she does. We are all just problems standing in the way of her success. You just know she claims to be a liberal. You know the kind of liberal that listens to Bob Dylan or the Beatles promotes tolerance of all people of different races and backgrounds. Then she calls you stupid, thinks that all people with a southern accent sound dumb. She doesn’t have any fat friends, but you know we all should learn how to get along with each other in her opinion.

I want to call her mini me. She’s like the spin off bitch but the only difference here is she sends you pictures of her tits and then thinks you are a pig. You aren’t cute enough to hold the door open for her and don’t talk to her if you aren’t wearing name brand clothes. She’ll complain about you to her friends tonight in a text while watching “The Hills” in her thin walled trailer home bedroom.

Pretentious Bitch

June 15th, 2009 by admin

Art School Bitch

This is the very first “Submit a Bitch” we received and plenty more to go post. I could just imagine hanging out with her. Probably want to tell you how open she is about dating women and having gay friends. She’ll tell you how much she enjoys Tori Amos or whatever the liberal arts, lesbians until graduate girls listen to these days. I’m sure she’ll tell you how the “Manocracy” likes to keep her down. Because you know us white males between that ages of 18 and 40. We have meeting where we all get together and figure out how to keep women in the kitchens and the blacks repressed to the point that they can’t work and drain our system dry.

Fuck you pretentious bitch and good job to the person that submitted this.

Keep submitting. There are too many girls out there that look like a bitch.

Any girl that has a baby before 30 years old…

June 12th, 2009 by admin

Knocked up Bitch

You’ve looked at that picture and asked what the fuck is he talking about now. Well look in the background and you’ll see that crib. That’s the key to why she’s a bitch. Any girl that’s had a kid before 30, or before getting a proper job, is a bitch. It’s all ways hilarious to see a young girl around 19 that’s got knocked up, standing over in that baby isle at Wal-Mart acting very excited like it was planned.

Now that the boy’s don’t call, she’s become a bitch. Opening her legs backfired when she got knocked up. Now all there’s time to do is wonder how she’ll ever become a nurse while raising another degenerate waste of DNA.

Tongue Ring Bitch

June 9th, 2009 by admin

Tongue Ring Bitch

Back in high school I thought a girl with a tongue ring would have been intriguing. Not this girl, she still looks like a bitch. First of all just by looking at the picture we can tell she’s a selfish bitch. She cut out everyone else in the picture. That or she doesn’t want you to see what guy she’s with which would make her a whore. Why would you want to be with that? She’s smeared on enough make up to paint a tennis court. Probably so she can feel like an “adult.” She probably smells like an ashtray and life goals are to be a nurse. It’s what her friend’s mom does and she’s divorced so her friend can do whatever she wants when she wants.

Reality, she’ll have her second child when she’s 22 and the couch will have a grove the same shape has her ass.

Someone put a lock on the fridge.

June 4th, 2009 by admin

Who let that gorilla out of her cage? Oh, that’s just some fat bitch flipping us off. Probably because we aren’t close to .25 times her mass is the source of her anger.

Hats off to the man that built those stairs. Wow, she’s got to be pushing a quarter ton there. Want to reduce Co2 emissions then don’t let her get in a car and move her up north so she won’t have to turn down the AC so far every day. You know you have a problem when you sweat so much you have wrap your head in a towel.

Jon and Bitch plus 8

June 1st, 2009 by admin

8 kids my ass, you still have no right to be a bitch.

Well hand it to her, she has a lot on her plate. The fact that she’s married to an idiot doesn’t help and eight kids. Well may God have mercy on her soul.

Still she looks like a bitch and as this site goes, it’s our duty to post her picture here. Just think about that cold bitch judging you while 8 screaming little assholes are pulling at your pants leg. I hate on those boring afternoons when you run across her show while flipping channels. Just watching her makes me want to smack her. She’s got the classic I’m a bitch haircut. It used to be the I do black guys hair cut but somehow it evolved into just a hair cut that bitches have. They get that hair cut, a husband, a house in a cookie cutter neighborhood. Then get a black Honda Accord, which for females adds status points. The newer the Honda Accord, the higher up on the female social food chain you are. Listening to the way she talks makes you want to give her a black eye to explain to her parents after you hear it.

Here’s more proof she’s a bitch.

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